Gambling under the law


 Gambling is always a controversial topic which is discussed by each and every class of society or country. Sociologists, Economists even parents are talk about it that it should be in our society or not and it should be legal or not. Generally, people enjoy betting in their day today life but when it comes to legal gambling, it will be there is the society whether it will be legalized or not. Illegal casino defiles the norms and value of society in many ways but to lessen the abuse of casino legal casino has been introduce. Legal casino is somehow good because it creates a soothing environment for gambling player along with a great amount of money is being collected as revenue. It give abbots to economics whereas illegal gambling activity give birth to criminals, corruption etc.

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How legal casino help to economy

Simply, many countries have tax on legal casino, as Russia offer 0% of tax whereas German pays 90% of the profit to the government as a tax. Recently Kenya government introduced 35% of tax on casino industry in their country. According to report Last year Las Vegas has set a record of paying highest tax to the government .So we come to know that there is lot of scope in accordance to boost up the economy with casino industry generated revenue. Because of casino tourism get hike and we know more tourism means more money earning in local area which lead to more prosperous country.

It is harmful to Local business

 Small business around casino claims that it destroys the small business because casino is a developed complex where everything is in there like hotels, restaurants or shopping malls. Hence people spend their money in casino and the outside business has to close their door as there is no profit outside at all. Although there is nothing to take legalization of the casino but many small business claims that these big fish have eaten all the small fish out there.


Gambling addiction is a sensitive subject for everyone because a very small number of population is having some psychological problem of gambling addiction So sometime legalization of gambling is also consider as the monster for their family who is addicted to gambling. By the way there should not be any part of gambling legalization because those who are addicted o something, no one can bring bake to the main stream of life until he does not want. For example if someone is addicted to Alcohol, by any means he will have alcohol nobody can resist him because it is all about someone’s mentality and this